‘Where are you really from?’ It’s an ostensibly innocent question that is posed under a variety of different circumstances. Often it’s asked before I’ve had time to say a single word.

It irritates me that the question in many of these situations is loaded with assumptions, and that the one asking the question never seems to be satisfied with the answer. I have long wondered if this irritation is mine alone or if it’s a feeling I share with others. And judging by the flood of answers I got when I asked people about their reactions to the question, I am not the only one.

Q&A is a magazine and posters series based on thirty people’s experiences, thoughts and feelings about the question, ‘where are you really from?’. The purpose of this work is to use design, language and illustration as tools for presenting people's relationship to the issue.
The magazine consists of 24 pages and begins with an introduction that describes the project's starting point and a brief account of the magazine's content. The following spreads are dedicated to nine questions related to the projects inaugural issue, such as ‘Does your answer vary depending on who is asking it?’. These questions are presented with accompanying answers.
The illustrations have been used as a method to visualize the various issues and the content of the participants answers and therefore vary in relation to each individual spread and poster.

The typefaces used are MARTIN by Vocal type and Fahkwang by Cadson Demak.
The poster series consists of ten sheets where again the nine questions are presented, one of which contains the title of the project. Along with each poster/question, one of the answers given is also presented.

The project was displayed at the Beckmans College of Design BFA Exhibition 2020. The main task of the posters was to act informatively and attract the viewer's attention. In a full showroom, it can be difficult to immerse yourself in each individual project. This made it possible to arouse the interest of the visitors at the exhibition.